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Growing Bolder Podcast Episode Six With Suzi Grant

Episode 6 of Growing Bolder features blogger and social media star, Suzi Grant. Suzi doesn’t like being asked her age... because she knows that age doesn’t define you! She tells people she’s well over 60, with an emphasis on the word well.  

Suzi is a vibrant Instagram personality and blogger. She blogs about positive ageing and is known for her trademark vintage style, especially her headscarf and retro glasses. In this week’s episode, she chats to Linda Robson about how feeling unfulfilled in retirement eventually led her to launch her hugely successful blog, Alternative Ageing.  

This week, Linda and Suzi chat about sustainable living as Suzi is very much an advocate for protecting the environment. And the environment isn’t the only thing she advocates for, Suzi is also fighting ageism with her age-positive articles, videos and tutorials. 

She started her blog in 2014 with the intention of writing about the things she loves most: health and nutrition, fashion and style, travel and lifestyle – all for people over 50. She shares tips on how to look stylish on a budget, video tutorials, health articles and tons of great recipes to help you look and feel your very best, no matter your age. She calls it positive-ageing, not anti-ageing! 

“It’s become fashionable to be grey and over 60... great news for me as I am now well over 60 - and have gone back to my roots.  I no longer feel invisible, as I did at 50, and nor should you, so I want to share with you all I've learned over the years so you too can grab life by the balls and enjoy it as much as I do! Let's get that #positiveageing message spread far and wide.” - Suzi Grant 

In this episode, she discusses her transition from journalist to nutritionist, eventually becoming a social media guru for older women. With health being one of her passions, Suzi shares her tips on how to stay healthy when you age as well as how to keep a positive mindset. She puts her health and fresh face down to a Mediterranean diet, a balanced lifestyle (including weekly yoga sessions) and her good Bulgarian genes. 

After retiring at 60, Suzi joined local drama groups, took a scriptwriting course in Italy, starred in a local panto and tried just about everything under the sun. When she found herself bored and joyless, her godchildren recommended that she try out blogging. Now her blog and her Instagram are followed by women around the world who want to feel great about getting older. 

Tune into this week’s episode as she talks us through her productive daily routine and her secrets to a happy, healthy life. If you’re interested in following Suzi’s blog, why not check out some of her brilliant blog posts:  

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To hear the full episode, find us on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. You can also click here for more information about how to listen. Don’t forget to check out previous episodes of Growing Bolder where Linda Robson meets a line-up of unique, inspiring, and down-right bold guests. It’s all about celebrating life after 50 and embracing the fact that life is really only just beginning.   

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